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Save time and money! We have the solution

Does your company need to ensure the occasional fulfillment of a particular industrial task at controlled costs? A rental service could be the best solution to your problem.

Our pump and equipment rental service has a team of professionals available to help you in any situation! We have a wide range of offers to help you with everything from the easiest to the most difficult job.

Magal will help you find the best solution, so ask our team for help!


Cost optimization

Renting is the most effective solution for specific needs, avoiding unnecessary investment.

Reliability and guarantee

We carry out regular maintenance on all our equipment and as such, we are responsible for ensuring that it performs at its best.

Current technology

We offer up-to-date equipment in excellent condition, eliminating the risk of depreciation associated with your property.


At Magal you can rent a complete range of energy-efficient pumps, hydropressors, float systems, valves, controllers and water systems according to your needs.

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